Common Questions and Answers

QUESTION- How much for a custom logo?

ANSWER- All prices vary depending on design/logo.

A reasonable logo design starts at $100

One should expect a simple logo design to cost approximately $100. A simple design is typically a logo with a well-defined company name and mark. Intricate patterns and complex lettering may increase the price of the logo. The finished design should be clear, unique and professional. Also keep in mind the more specific the better as the designer has less room for error or making the customer unsatisfied. (Example shown below and we do not own rights to logo)

An intermediate design warrants a $200 to $400 price tag

A logo design with intricate patterns and fonts typically costs triple as much as a simple design, so expect to pay around $300. The higher price tag typically comes with extras, including up to 3 designs to choose from before the finish product for the designer to go off and unlimited changes until you are pleased with the results. (Example shown below and we do not own rights to logo)

Complex logo designs run $600 and up

If you’ve been in business for a while, and you’re ready to invest in the perfect, custom logo for the long-term, then it’s time to step up your game. Investing upwards of $600 will get with the knowledge and expertise to develop a powerful, creative logo with just the right blend of shapes, colors and typography. You’ll also get a higher level of specialty branding services requiring art direction and long hours spent at the drawing table. A reputable company will provide you with full ownership of your logo design, including all the files, fonts and color codes.(Example shown below and we do not own rights to logo)

We have a personal designer that you can contact at anytime. His name is Nelson and phone number is (347) 664-7684.

QUESTION- Can I put any design/Logo/Idea on apparel ?

ANSWER- No. If you already have a design/logo ready to send to me then yes I am able to. If you do not have the design ready the customer will possibly have to pay a separate fee for the creation of the design. This price will vary depending on the design but must be simple, if not then this will fall in to the hands of my designers.

QUESTION- How much for custom shirts/hoodies in bulk?

ANSWER-  Average Prices are listed below for Gildan men shirts and Gildan men  hoodies. 


Shirts (One Side Print)

Hoodies (One Side Print)










26 +



Note these prices can change as every order is different. Any add ons such as sleeves/ two sided prints is 5 $ extra each. For 2XL hoodie/shirts is 3$ more each and 3XL is 4$ more.

QUESTION- Is there a minimum quantity of shirts/hoodies I need to order ?

ANSWER- No, there is no minimum

QUESTION- How do I wash the clothing made for me?


  • Turn garment inside out.
  • Machine wash COLD with mild detergent.
  • NO bleach.
  • Dryer not recommended if needed low temperature while garment is turned inside out.
  • Do not dry clean.

Question- What size is the men Gildan shirts?


Men's Classic T-Shirts
Sizes Width(IN) Length (IN) Sleeve Center Back (IN)
S 18 28 15.63
M 20 29 17
L 22 30 18.5
XL 24 31 20
2XL 26 32 21.5
3XL 28 33 22.88
4XL 30 34 24.25
5XL 32 35 25.38

 Width measured one inch below arm hole.

Length measured from highest point of shoulder to bottom hem.

Sleeve Center Back measured from center of neck, down to shoulder and down sleeve to sleeve hem.

 Question- What is the refund policy with You Make The Logo.

Answer-  Once a order is placed there is no refunds unless we do not provide what was requested from customer.